About Us

Upgrade London Ltd , was founded in 2003 from a very experience team of Economists, bankers and Lawyers. From 2012 the company belong to the Shipping Group of companies UPLONDON GROUP, where the majority of the shares belong to executive members of the Greek London Base  Shipping Community.

With our Headquarters in London and representative offices in Sofia Bulgaria and recently in Dubai, UPGRADE LONDON offer advance consulting in Merges & Acquisitions and Fund raising worldwide.

1. Mergers & Acquisitions

Upgrade London Ltd has a vast network of potential investors, that are ready to evaluate Projects form different sectors and countries. We run professional Road Shows to our own clients and help you to proceed in a successful Merge or Acquisition deal.


Upgrade London Ltd has a specialization in Fund raising, working with official partners from the Banking, Private Equity and Hedge Funds Industry. Our track record is always at your disposal under a confidentiality agreement.

Do You Have a nice Business Idea ?

Let us Lead you to the Largest UK Investors' community and Finance your Project as a new UK Startup company

UK is the Biggest European Investors' community. Except of the famous Private equities and Funds, the UK government is offering to British individuals the opportunity to invest in UK Startup or early stage companies and gain as a TAX RELIEF, all or part of their investment.

That means that even a small or medium range wealth Individual can choose either to pay taxes, or invest the same exact amount to a UK startup and probably have Dividends & profits, instead of just paying taxes.

UPGRADE LONDON Ltd is a part of the Shipping group of Companies UP LONDON GROUP (www.uplondongoup.co.uk ), which is a London base Greek Shipping group with many Shipping activities worldwide.

As a member of the Angel Investors' community, we can help you to present your project or Business idea to thousands of Angel Investors and Funds.

The only thing that you need is an attractive Business idea and a New UK company that our team in London can help you to form in 24hours.

However, if you do not want to form a new UK company and so not have access to the TAX RELIEF Angels' Investors community, we can also help you to present your Project to  international Funds. Our Online Platform with Funds and Venture capitals could be then your ideal tool. You can register and place your project online, having criteria matching with investors that invest on your sector.

If you are interesting to find more about our Services, please email us a few words about you.

Our Greek Team in Athens or London will then call you for a first Conference call the soonest i possible.




Our International Banking background, even if our core business is Shipping Finance and Merges & Acquisitions, provide us the privilege to be part of an International network of ex and existing Investment Bankers.

For you, having an additional Corporate or personal bank account in a prestigious international Economic center, is a must and necessary for anyone that is willing to do business nowadays.

However, to open a Bank account in different country than the country that you actually work, is very difficult and timeless issue. For that reasons UPGRADE LONDON Ltd can help you to proceed with experience bankers and open your business or personal account in a major and reputable country and  bank.

If you are interesting to find more about our Services, please email us a few words about you.

Our Greek Team in Athens or London will then call you for a first Conference call the soonest i possible.

On-line Global Investment Platform

Bridging The Funding Gap

Raise your capital and make your Business idea a Profitable Company

We are proud to announce the Launching of our Online Global Investors' Platform, which is Global Platform for startups, companies and Startuppers, which matches their funding inquires, with targeted and compatible investors.

UPGRADE LOMDON is one of the co-founders and strategic partners of the Platform, which is based in London and cover more than 3000 Funds and Institutional investors.

If you are interesting to register in the Platform and place your own project for Fund Raising, we can give you a promo access code to try it.

The Platform will automatically guide you to Build an Executive Summary and then it will much your investment criteria with the Investors' rules.

The List of the potential Investors, together with a professional Analytics report, will be shortly at your disposal.

You can then start negotiating with them using our own experience and guidance and raise your capital funds you think that are necessary for your Business project success.

If you are interesting to find more about our Services, please email us a few words about you.

Our Greek Team in Athens or London will then call you for a first Conference call or meeting in Greece.

Our Team



Economist, with long time experience in the banking and stock market sector, Corporate Finance and M&A structured deals.

He is one of the founders of the Holding company at 2003 UPGRADE LONDON GROUP and from September 2007 he is the B.O.D PRESIDENT of the group.



Economist, with long time experience in Chicago Board of Trade (Commodities Stock Exchange). Being the liaison between President and CFO to increase existing business and capture new opportunities by identifying potential new customers and the key decision makers within the organisations.



Economist, with long time experience in the banking and ASSET valuation sector. He is running the financial valuations of the projects,since he is certified as valuator from the American Institute of Appraisers.

He is one of the founders of the Holding company " UPGRADE LONDON GROUP" at 2003 and from the September of 2007 he is the MD of the Group.



Investment Banker with proven track record in M&As, and Fund Raising. He is part of Investment committees in Venture Funds and owner of the IN4CAPITAL UK which is a global hybrid platform for startups, companies, service providers & investors, where Funding & M&A deals are concluded directly between them.



Specialist in International Trading issues , responsible for the Exporting and commodity Finance projects.

He is running the ITALIAN group of Associates and the external team in Milano & Zurich



Lucy is the heart of the company. Responsible to support all the departments with administration and secretarial effort, she offers a peaceful security among all the partners, clients and business associates.

Economist with long time experience in Shipping companies and international Shipping Banks.



EX Banker with pure track record in Stock Markets and I.P.O.s , specialized in data analysis and Investment decision making.

He is the general instructor to our advisory committee for any potential investment we may involve.



"Ex Stock Broker Analyst and I.R. Manager in many small cap Listed companies.

He is responsible for the Investor Relations Strategy and the Awareness that should be built in any of our targeted investments.



Specialized in International Stock Markets, Andreas is a Licensed Commodity Trader and Stock Broker. He is the Chief Treasurer of our Group, focus on Hedging and Speculating Strategy in Oil and currencies.

He is the Founder of the GREEK TRADER CLUB.



Specialized in M&As and INVESTMENT BANKING and Track Record In International Commodity Trading, Nikolas working as external Legal Advisor from the first day of our company.

If you wish to make a contact with our team or to Learn more about our services, you can Download for Free our PDF BOOK.

 The only think that you should do is to Send us your Business idea or project and our expirience Staff from our London Premises, will contact you a soon as possible


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40 Bank Street Canary Wharf

London, E14 5NR

Email: Director@upgradeLondon.co.uk

Skype: upgrade.london